Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Frequently Asked Questions might help answer some of the questions you might have

Do your games resemble the ones I played at an arcade?

Yes! Our arcade joysticks, trackballs, buttons and sounds, resemble arcade tactile feel – and plays similar to what you remember! All cabinet artwork and gameplay is licensor approved.

Are there any quaters required?

No quarters are required!

What is the warranty on these machines?

We offer a 90-day warranty! Replacement parts with free shipping are available for qualifying claims under the extension.

Are there discounts if I purcahse more than one game cabinets?

Yes! We are able to offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Are these machines meant to be played seated or standing?

With these machines – you can do either! You can sit to play without the optional riser, or add the riser and stand to play.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to all States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore

Assembly is required, but its not difficult.

The side panels are made of MDF wood and are half an inch thick.

All machines are identical (same cabinet design and game titles). The only major difference is the plug that is changed per country.

No! they have a high definition LCD monitor

The monitor does not have any external connections. The only cord is the ribbon cable that connects to the control deck and the power cord.

Hold down the single player button and a menu will pop up.

Delivery time varies based on location. However, 5 – 14 days is the average time range